Learn How Mobile Advertising for Bars & Grills Can Make You Money!

Mobile Advertising for Bars & Grills Can Increase Profits.
Mobile Advertising Marketing for Bars & Grills

Mobile Advertising for Bars & Grills

Is your bar & grill is ready for mobile advertising? Today, everywhere you look someone has a phone in their hand.  Either talking, texting, or on a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter. You cannot deny, mobile phones are everywhere.

In fact, IAB and Viggle latest statistics show, 69 percent of consumers order food online using a mobile device.

The study found that people use their mobile devices to find bar and grill locations, check out menus, and see other users’ reviews. Equally as impressive is the fact that online and mobile orders at Domino’s and Papa John’s pizza chains are now 30 percent of each chain’s overall business.

Consequently, it makes sense why you as a bar and grill owner should be turning to mobile advertising to boost sales and drive more foot traffic into your establishment.

“Bars and Grills that use mobile advertising are becoming more common every day,” says Matt Baglia, of Business2Community. “Owners who ‘get it’ understand the power of  99% open rates and 25% redemption rates. Adding a text advertising stream to their marketing arsenal is a must.

Bar and grill owners that are less familiar with SMS marketing  find themselves struggling. They spend more money to come up with effective ways to leverage the power of this mobile marketing stream.

Business owners who best understand how consumers are engaging in mobile shopping behaviors now design their strategies accordingly. They will be best positioned to capitalize on these shifting market dynamics.”

Increase your bar & grill profits start mobile advertising

These days, in order to truly stay on top of the Internet marketing game, you must do more than just manage a great website, post in forums, and participate in social media networks. You must be willing to take your bar and grill to go to the next level! That means initiating a text messaging system.

Taking your bar and grill mobile is a great way to stay relevant in today’s market. But it must be done right! Hire us! Right Step is here to help you build an effective mobile advertising presence with our awesome mobile tools. We can be reached by phone, at (602) 774-0984, or by email: info@rightstepstartup.com


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